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Since its foundation in 1994, MP2B’s mandate has been to offer the best insurance and surety bond products on the market. A leading player for contractors in the construction, manufacturing, real estate, marine, sports and entertainment industries, MP2B also offers customized personal property and casualty insurance services.

We are proud to have agreements with reputable insurers that offer comprehensive coverage and provide the peace of mind you deserve from your insurance policy. Thanks to our partners, we rank among the best surety bond providers in Quebec.
We invite you to let our experts take care of your insurance and surety bond needs. In MP2B, you’ll find a partner and advisor.


To support our clients and employees on their way to success, in an honest, professional and dynamic manner.


To continue to be a renowned and ever-growing leader in straight-forward, up-to-date, quality insurance and surety bond solutions, by listening, understanding and respecting the needs of our clients.

In addition to its cutting-edge expertise and personalized service, what sets MP2B apart is the commitment of its employees. MP2B is a team where each person actively participates in the success of the clients and the firm.



MP2B is concerned with the protection of personal information. The firm acts in accordance with the directives of l’Autorité des marchés financiers. For any request in this regard, contact Pierre Thibodeau, vice-president administration & finance, at 450-668-5555.