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Surety Bonds


MP2B’s team includes several surety bond professionals, ready to provide you with expert advice and service.
General contractors, subcontractors and other stakeholders can count on our support when it comes time to meet their contractual obligations. We maintain close business relationships with the country’s licensed insurers and are members of several construction industry associations. The trust we’ve built with our partners and the scalability of our business allow us to respond promptly to requests for surety bond issuance.


1. Contract surety:

In order to proceed with the analysis of a contract bond file, the following important documents are required and must be sent :

There is no need to assemble all the required documents prior to sending. Individual documents can be sent as they become available.

2.Commercial surety bond:

In order to proceed with the analysis of a commercial bond file, the following documents may be required and must be transmitted. Ask your broker for more information: